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My Senior thesis from Ringling College of Art and Design. 

Written, directed, and created (in all senses of the word) by Michelle Kwon and MIke Bidinger. 

The idea for Jinxy and Lucky began in my 3rd year of college in 2013, for a Concept class project. The project was to come up with 3 simple log lines and an illustration of a key story moment to go with it. The idea of dichotomy in relationships has always been a fascinating subject for me, and I wanted to boil the characters down to one of the most simple dichotomies - good luck and bad luck. Once the characters were designed and the two opposing forces were brought together to interact, the story came together naturally. When we went into our 4th year, my film partner Mike and I fleshed out the details of the story together and began production. We both animated and modeled in equal amounts, while taking on more focused roles for the film. Mike took the role of Animation and technical Director, while I took on the role of Art and Story Director. 

Production Managed by Sarah Kambara. 

Siggraph Asia 2014- Best Student Project
Siggraph 2015- Best Computer Animated Short
National Board of Review- Student Grant Awardee 2014
Golden Eagle Award 2015- Student Media- Animated Short
Hamburg Animation Award 2014 & Audience Choice Award
Macon 2015- Best Animated Short & Excellence in Editing Awards
Nagoya International Digital Animation Festival 2014- 2nd Grand Prize
Palm Beach International Film Festival- Student Showcase- 1st Place Animation
Trinity Film Festival 2014- Best Picture & Audience Choice Awards
Blue Plum Animation Festival 2014- Critic's Choice Award
Scratch! Film Festival 2014 Official Selection
SICAF 2014 Official Selection
AFFD 2014 Official Selection
BAFTA LA SFA Finalist 2015